Wk 02/28/11 Lesson 8

Chapter 15  Fancy Buttons and Menus
Link to let visitors travel from one page in your Web site to another.

Generating Button Pictures
You can graphically inclined, you can create the pictures for a rollover button by hand using just about and
graphics program Macromedia Fireworks.


Interesting information about images and links to other Related sources.

Chapter 16 Audio and Video
Using multimedia to trick out your pages with audio and video. Learning how to use creating web pages with the
background music, animations, and even full-frame movies.

Understanding Multimedia
This includes a variety of different technologies and filed types, all of which have dramatically different computer requirements and pose
different Web design challenges.

Types of Multimedia Files
Synthesized music (MIDI)
Digial audio(WAV and MP3)
Digital video (MPEG, AVI, MOV, and WMV)
Animated GIF’s

The Embed Tag
Help you control the playback controls.

Critiquing Websites


This site provides plenty of resources to chose from. Sort of makes it hard to figure out
what image is best to use for your site.


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