Wk 02/01/11 Lesson 4

Book-Creating Websites

Chapter 7 Adding Graphics

Understanding Images

Images aren’t stored in HTML files. You always store each image as a separate file.

In order to show a picture in your page you use the <img> tag in your HTML.

Picture Size

The file size of the picture is important since it determines how long it takes to send the picture over the internet.

The picture dimensions are important because they determine how much screen real estate an image cover space.

Graphical Text

High-level look

1. Fire up your favorite image editor or drawing program.

2. Fill in a background color that matches your Web page

3. Choose our font, and type the text over the background color.

4. Cut your image down to size.

5. Save  your picture.

Chapter 8 Linking Pages

Understanding the Anchor

HTML you use the anchor tag to create a link.  When this is clicked, transport the Web site reader to another page. The anchor tag is  a straightforward container tag.

Look  like <a>…</a>

Inside the anchor tag, you put the click able content

Look like <a>Click Me</a>

Line Checkers

Link checker is an automated tool that scans through one or more of  your Web pages. This tests each link to retrieve the target page.

Using Redirects

A special instruction that tells the browser to automatically navigate to a new page. The advantage of using a redirect is that it prevents a broken link.

To create a redirect you nee to add a special <meta> tag to the <head> portion of your Web page.

Critiquing Website

Universal Usability http://universalusability.com/access_by_design/index.html

This site  provides great ideas of making your website more user  friendly.  Also, for users who are not familiar with browsing the internet. The sites shows you specific links you can provide for easy access and overcoming navigation problems.


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