Wk 1/24/11-Lesson 3

Book-Creating Web Sites-Part Two Building Better Web Pages

Chapter 5  HTML Text Tags

Understanding Text and the Web

Word processing programs help you prepare your content.

HTML is a more freewheeling standard.

HTML sort of increase the usage of  tags to shape the basic structure of your work indicating paragraphs, headings and lists.

CSS-Cascading Style Sheets

The style sheet defines how every type of element in your HTML document should be formatted.


The last element you will know about. This is used to group together one or more block elements.

Therefore,  you could group together several paragraphs, a paragraph and heading.


Chapter 6  Style Sheets

The Three Types of Styles

External style sheet- style sheet that is stored in a separate file.

Internal style sheet- a style sheet that is embedded inside an HTML document right inside the head element.

The Anatomy of a Rule

Style sheets contain on thing rules. Each rule is a formatting instruction that applies to a part ofyour Web page.  A style sheet can contain a single rule, or it can hold dozens.

The Cascade

This refers to the way the browser decides which rules take precedence in case you’ve got multiple sets of rules.

Critiquing Website


This is a great site to review when creating website for major companies. The tags to this site appears to have great images and user friendly for browsing on the web. Most companies do recommend that their sites have lots of visible components when developing the content.


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