Wk 1/17/11-Lesson 2

Book-Creating Web Sites

Chapter 3  Putting Your Page on the Web

How Web Hosting Works

The internet is just a set of standards that let independent computers talk to each other.

Understanding the URL

The domain identifies the Web server the computer that hosts the Web site you want to see.

The path identifies the location on the Web server where the Web page is stored.

Chapter 4 Power Tools

Types of HTML Editors

Text based-requires you to work with the text

Split window-editors make you write HTML

WYSIWYG(What you  See Is What You Get) editors work more like word processors.  Meaning you don’t need to write the HTML>.

Working with Your HTML Editor

Create a HTML document and get it online, all without leaving the comfort of your editor.

Critiquing Website



This is an excellent website with variety of navigation, colors and very informational.


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